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Travel adapter

With ground wires

What is travel adapter with ground wires?

Travel adapter with ground wires are more expensive and safer.

What is travel adapter without ground wires?

Travel adapter without ground wire is cheaper, and the safety is only a little bit worse.

What does a travel adapter do?

It is called a conversion socket in electrician. It is an electrical product that needs to be used when traveling abroad. Since each country has different socket standards, it is used as a connection conversion between plugs and sockets in different countries or regions, so that electrical appliances can obtain power smoothly. Therefore, people usually refer to this type of adapter.

Which is the best travel adapter?

There are many types of adapters, including single-plug, multiple-plug (multi-function, global), with transformer function, and so on. Because there are many varieties, consumers need to make a reasonable choice according to their own usage. If you only go to one country, choosing a single adapter will be lighter and save money; if you are going to multiple countries, choose a multi-functional one that is more suitable. The plug is annoying.

What is a travel adapter for phone?

It can be used by your mobile phone can help you charge your mobile phone in different countries, such as our B2-1U product.

What is a universal travel adapter?

It is compatible with sockets in multiple countries and is suitable for users who will pass through various countries, and it is also more expensive and heavier.

What can we offer?

We can do ODM & OEM, can help you design logo and packaging, material can choose PP, PC, ABS.

What is the difference between each style?

A1-1 type is the most basic one-way adapter, which can provide a conversion plug for an electrical appliance;

B2-1 adds a position on the basis of A1-1, which is a two-way adapter, which can provide the position of two conversion sockets;

B2-1G is very similar to B2-1, but with the addition of a ground wire, electrical appliances are safer to use;

B2-1U adds two USB ports to B2-1G;

B3-1 is a three-way adapter, which can provide three positions for conversion sockets;

B3-1G is the addition of ground wire to B3-1;

C3-1 is a three-way adapter for sockets in different directions;

C3-1GS is an upgraded version of C3-1. It is a three-way adapter with three different directions, as well as a ground wire and a switch to control the entire adapter;

D3-1G is another type of C3-1, which adds a circle of protection to the position of the socket.

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