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Servo stabilizer supplier UKEO presents you the best voltage stabilizers. First of all, as a manufacturer, we naturally have our own factories and foreign trade companies. Secondly, we can do OEM for you, in addition, and we also support OEM&ODM. Therefore, no matter what kind of regulator you need, and please contact us through the contact information provided on the site.

Production process about relay type of automatic voltage regulator

Company Profile

First, our factory was established in 1988 and has rich industry experience. And it mainly develops, produces and sells voltage stabilizers (relay type voltage stabilizers, servo type voltage stabilizers, including single phase voltage stabilizers, three phase servo type 380v voltage stabilizers and compensation Power stabilizer), and specially developed for the mechanical equipment of printing, machine tool, medical, laser, textile, processing center and other industries.

Second, we produce power strips (socket types cover Europe, America, UK, and Asian markets), and we provide customization for customers.

Third, andthen we produce conversion socket (professional for the European market), and we also provide customized services.

To sum up, the products we provide are basically OEM&ODM.

Automatic voltage regulator

WLE Series of voltage stabilizer

Relay type of AVR


What is relay control voltage stabilizer?​

The line control voltage regulator adjusts the voltage circuit to balance the output voltage by closing the relay.

voltage stabilizer


What is servo control voltage stabilizer?

The servo voltage regulator is a power supply device that uses the voltage or current signal sampled by the servo motor control circuit to drive the micro motor.

What is the name of servo voltage stabilizer?

It stands for Servo control voltage stabilizer, referred to as servo stabilizer. Moreover, it is a machine that relies on the control of a servo motor to stabilize the voltage. And it converts the input unstable voltage to output a stable voltage for use by electrical appliances.

What is servo control voltage stabilizer?

Servo control voltage stabilizer is a product that can control a certain range of input voltage and convert it to a stable voltage. And its working principle is: the servo motor drives the carbon brush head to rotate on the pressure regulating package, adjust the position to change the turns ratio of the transformer coil, so as to adjust the voltage and stabilize the voltage output.

Which one is best?

So, regarding which one is the best, it depends on the power of your equipment and the scene you use. And if you need a voltage stabilizer in your home, office, etc., a relay-type voltage stabilizer is enough for you to use. Andthen if it is an industrial or medical scene, you must select the servo type.

Is servo voltage stabilizer is used for?

It can convert the input unstable voltage to output a stable voltage for electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, TVs and so on. And if the electrical appliance is working under unstable voltage for a long time, it will be difficult to work normally for a long time, and the hardware may be damaged.Servo voltage stabilizer can make the electrical appliances work stably and protect the electrical appliances to a certain extent.

How to install a voltage stabilizer?


Connect the input of the voltage stabilizer to the power distribution board, and install a fuse that meets the power guarantee rate of the instrument on the user power distribution board to ensure the safety of electricity use.


Connect the power supply of the electrical equipment to the output terminal of the instrument. And note that the rated input voltage of the electrical equipment should be consistent with the output of the voltage stabilizer, and do not connect it wrongly.


Turn on the power switch of the voltage stabilizer first, and the working indicator light is on. And observe whether the indicated value of the voltmeter is normal. When the output voltage is normal, and turn on the power switch of the electrical equipment, andthen the voltage stabilizer can automatically adjust the voltage and supply power normally.


When you do not use the electrical equipment for a long time, and please turn off the power switch of the electrical equipment. As a result, you can reduce power consumption and extend the life of the regulator.


We should not overload the voltage stabilizer. And when the mains voltage is low, the output capacity is reduced, andthen we should reduced accordingly the load of the voltage regulator.


When choosing electrical appliances such as refrigerators, air conditioners, water pumps and other equipment with motor running, a voltage stabilizer with a capacity of more than 3 times should be selected.

In order to avoid the equipment starting current exceeding the voltage stabilizer fuse current or the overcurrent protection circuit breaker current, and the voltage stabilizer fuse is blown or the circuit breaker is tripped or the voltage drop is too large to work.


We should make the wires connecting the voltage regulators have enough surface to prevent heating and reduce voltage drop. Andthen we connect voltage stabilizers with a capacity of more than 2KVA by terminals. And we use a single copper wire, andthen we tighten the terminal screws as much as possible to prevent the connection from heating.


Whether it is a single-phase or three-phase voltage stabilizer, and after all the input and output lines are connected, andthen the power switch of the load should be turned off first, then we turn on the voltage stabilizer, and we check that the output voltage is normal. Andthen we turn on the the power switch of the load.

Notes on using the voltage stabilizer:

The first, do not use excessive load;

The second, please use enough wires;

The third, please be careful to connect the input voltage and the output of the equipment;

The fourth, the output voltage of the equipment and the voltage stabilizer should be unified;

The fifth, please select the input voltage switch and power supply voltage as well;

The sixth, if the fuse is burned out, please check the load equipment;

The seventh, use a fuse with the same rating, and cannot use a non-rated fuse or wire;

The eighth, install in a dry and ventilated place.

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