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Company Profile

First, our factory was established in 1988 and has rich industry experience. And it mainly develops, produces and sells voltage stabilizers (relay type voltage stabilizers, servo type voltage stabilizers, including single phase voltage stabilizers, three phase servo type 380v voltage stabilizers and compensation Power stabilizer).

And specially developed for the mechanical equipment of printing, machine tool, medical, laser, textile, processing center and other industries.

Second, we produce power strips (socket types cover Europe, America, UK, and Asian markets), and we provide customization for customers.

Third, we produce conversion socket (professional for the European market), and we also provide customized services.

In a world, the products we provide are basically OEM&ODM.

What is a good AVR brand?

Above all, in the voltage stabilizer regulator industry, and many Chinese companies have agents abroad, such as DELIXI, CHNT, HOSSONI, JONCHN, etc. And old-fashioned companies sell traditional products. But we provide traditional products as well as innovative products. In fact  UKEO has many products to choose from. And our products support customization, so customers can choose different, wider voltage ranges. On the other hand, we provide OEM & ODM, which are not available in those brands.

In addition, if you need products in proper batches, UKEO’s MOQ is lower than theirs, and customers can choose freely.

Furthermore, the most important thing is to cooperate with UKEO, and you will not meet agents, and then you communicate with our manufacturers, which means that you can get the first-hand price directly from the factory, so compared with those companies with agents, UKEO There is a price advantage.

Welcome customers from all over the world to choose UKEO as your partner.

What is the best voltage stabilizer regulator?

UKEO designs different styles, and we do this to supply different markets. So that we provide innovative products for the needs of different markets.

In addition, UKEO has a professional R&D team to design circuit boards and use software to control the system.

Furthermore, our products provide customers with a 1-year after-sales warranty. And we have no time limit to answer all kinds of questions for customers.

Above all, our UKEO parts procurement has strict control, and the advantage of our own production, and then every step has a test link. In fact we use high-quality environmentally friendly materials, and with ROHS, VDE certification.

What are voltage stabilizer regulators?

First, A is the abbreviation of automatic, and the machine is fully automatic after it starts to operate; Second, V is the abbreviation of voltage, and voltage is the object of this machine; Third R is the abbreviation of regulator, which means the function of this machine . Together, they are machines that can adjust voltages fully automatically.

Generally, when we use electrical appliances, and the voltage is directly connected to the electrical appliances, which makes the voltage stability unpredictable. And in some areas, the voltage is unstable for various reasons, maybe it is thunder and lightning weather, maybe it is cold weather and so on.

As a results, voltage may be too high or too low. And if the voltage is too high, the circuit of the appliance will be damaged, and if the voltage is too low, the appliance will not work properly.

Then if we connect the voltage to the AVR first, and then connect the electrical appliance to the AVR, then the unstable voltage will become a stable voltage after being adjusted by the AVR. In this way, the electrical appliance can work normally and safely.

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