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Product Introduction

One of UKEO’s innovative products is the small power strip. These products are small, portable and easy to use. In addition, UKEO offers various products including power strips. UKEO also has automatic voltage regulators, adapters and other products. In addition, UKEO provides OEM&ODM. We can act as a foundry for customers, and welcome customers to contact us, and then learn about customization details.

The production process of power strip

Company Profile

First, our factory was established in 1988 and has rich industry experience. And it mainly develops, produces and sells voltage stabilizers (relay type voltage stabilizers, servo type voltage stabilizers, including single phase voltage stabilizers, three phase servo type 380v voltage stabilizers and compensation Power stabilizer), and specially developed for the mechanical equipment of printing, machine tool, medical, laser, textile, processing center and other industries.

Second, we produce power strips (socket types cover Europe, America, UK, and Asian markets), and we provide customization for customers.

Third, we produce conversion socket (professional for the European market), and we also provide customized services.

To sum up, the products we provide are basically OEM&ODM.

Are there different types of power strips?

Yes, because in different countries, the plugs used by electrical appliances are different, so you need to use different types of power strips, such as European style, British style, Italian style, American style, etc. We also provide two Small power strip for the plug, no matter what type you need, you can send us a message and we will give you the answer you want.

Does power strip give less power?

This depends on the situation. The power of different power strips is different, and the influence of the wire is also very large. Macroscopically speaking, it will indeed provide less power, but as long as the power on the power strip is used, the electrical appliances under the rated power can be used normally.

Is a surge protector better than a power strip?

In fact, the surge protector of the same specification is more expensive than the power strip, so it is also expensive. The surge protector is actually an additional component to protect the electrical appliance from the surge than the power strip, which can prevent plugging into the surge protector. Safety problems caused by overloading of electrical appliances, because overloading will lead to excessive current, wire heating, damage to the outer casing of the wire, and a fire in severe cases.

Are 10 outlet power strips safe?

First of all, safety does not depend on the number of sockets. It depends on whether the total power of the electrical appliances used at the same time exceeds the rated power of the power strip. As long as the maximum power of the electrical appliances used at the same time does not exceed the rated power of the power strip, it is safe. For any kind of power strips, you need to carefully observe the above information to ensure safe use.

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