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Product Introduction

UKEO helps customers with power strip design. Because UKEO is a power strip manufacturer. We provide a certain degree of customization, as well as some deformable power strips. In addition, we can act as a foundry to provide OEM&ODM.

The production process of power strip

Company Profile

First, our factory was established in 1988 and has rich industry experience. And it mainly develops, produces and sells voltage stabilizers (relay type voltage stabilizers, servo type voltage stabilizers, including single phase voltage stabilizers, three phase servo type 380v voltage stabilizers and compensation Power stabilizer), and specially developed for the mechanical equipment of printing, machine tool, medical, laser, textile, processing center and other industries.

Second, we produce power strips (socket types cover Europe, America, UK, and Asian markets), and we provide customization for customers.

Third, we produce conversion socket (professional for the European market), and we also provide customized services.

To sum up, the products we provide are basically OEM&ODM.

What are the advantages of the deformable power strip design?

General power strips are long strips and have limitations in space. So when you use it in some crowded spaces or some cluttered spaces, there will be a lot of problems, like it’s hard to use in corners and so on. Therefore, if there is one that can turn and change shape, each socket is a power strip of an independent unit, which will bring more flexibility and convenience. So at this time you can use UKEO’s deformable power strip.

What is the difference between the deformable power strip design and the normal power strip?

1. Taking the use of space as the breakthrough point, it breaks the rigid candy bar design of the traditional socket and row, and is connected by flexible joints. In addition, it has super deformability, no matter what kind of complex space, it can always find a suitable angle and accommodate all the plugs you need.

2. The shape of the ordinary socket is rigid, and it is bulky and unsightly when placed on the desktop. The deformed socket is not only unique in shape, but also bright and bright in color. So you can put it on the corner of the countertop, and it can be used as a decoration. So it blends in with the home environment. Compared with ordinary sockets, there are many more application scenarios.

Are deformable power strips safe?

Safety, even though these power strips may look unstable, their specifications are all in line with the specifications. As long as you do not use electrical appliances that exceed the rated power, these deformable power strips are as safe as ordinary power strips.

What types of deformable power strips are there?

According to the different sockets, it can be divided into American style, European style, British style and Italian style. At the same time, USB ports can be added according to customer needs. Welcome to contact us.

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