Voltage stabilizer factory – Inductive Voltage Regulator – 100KVA

Product Introduction

UKEO is a voltage stabilizer factory. And it has its own team and can independently produce voltage stabilizers. And then UKEO’s factory has a history of more than 30 years. In addition, the team provides customized services and OEM&ODM for customers, and cooperates with UKEO. Great price.

Also, from traditional styles to cutting-edge products, classic and innovative we can provide, and choose the product you like and customize it.

1Input voltage range 320 to 470 V
2Output voltage 400V (P-P) 230V (P-N)
3Input frequency rate 48 to 52 Hz
4Output voltage regulation ±1 % of nominal voltage
5Protection Class Outdoor Unit
6Rated KVA 60KVA to 100kVA 
7Cooling Oil cooling
8Voltage indicationDigital voltmeter to measure input & output voltage in all phases
9Output current indicationRecons make digital ammeter to measure output current in all phases
10Resolution of Digital voltmeter 1 Volt
11Accuracy of digital voltmeter ±0.5 % of full scale ± 1 digit
12Servo Motor High torque AC servo motor
13Electronic over load cut off Operational above 110% rated output
14Non latching LED Indication Input on, output on
16Latching LED indication Output high / Output low / Out put
17Resetting mode Automatic operation
18Input/ Output/ Bypass BreakerTo be provided 
19Control Auto / Manual
20Protection Output over volt, Output under volt & Output over load
21Insulation Resistance Better than 100 M. ohms
22Di-electric strength 1.6 KV for Entire Unit
  2.1 KV for Power Circuits


Application scope and characteristics of single-phase and three-phase oil-immersed induction regulators

UKEO voltage stabilizer factory tells you the features of this product. And the three-phase oil-immersed induction voltage stabilizer can be used in various unstable power supply environments, and then provide a standard and safe power supply quality.

In addition, it is suitable for CNC production equipment, automatic plug-in machine, automatic milling machine, punching machine, CNC tapping machine, SMT equipment, PCB drilling machine, wire cutting machine, cutting center machine, computer automatic lathe, production line, OA equipment, automatic General equipment such as testing equipment, communication equipment, experimental inspection unit, signal control tower, etc.

Why are three-phase oil-immersed induction regulators so widely used?

UKEO voltage stabilizer factory tells you that the three-phase oil-immersed induction stabilizer is oil-immersed and sealed, and there is no contact point when adjusting the voltage, so it can be used in a wide range of environments (can be used in high humidity, high pollution occasions such as outdoor or tunnel), and the overload capacity is particularly strong.

In addition, it is mainly composed of three parts: induction regulator, detection electrical appliance and protection circuit. And where the induction regulator consists of two parts, the stator and the rotor. So when the input voltage changes, and the system detects in real time, and then the control circuit issues commands, and then quickly changes the relative angle between the rotor and the stator, so that the phase of the stator and rotor induced voltage changes, thereby stabilizing the output voltage.


Because it adopts the principle of induction regulator (non-contact) and iron core structure, and adopts foreign advanced control technology to detect and control the power grid. So it has the advantages of fast response time, wide voltage regulation range, high power and high reliability.

Long lasting —— voltage stabilizer factory :

First of all, the internal main body is an induction voltage regulator, and the pressure regulator has no contact and friction elements such as carbon brushes. And these components are very difficult to wear. In addition, there is no electromagnetic interference caused by carbon brush sparks, so the output voltage is accurate and durable. And this product has no traditional chain drive and carbon brush parts. In addition, the mechanical control board adopts imported precision accessories, so the principle of wireless voltage adjustment (line-line adjustment or voltage stabilization, no step change in output voltage balance) greatly improves the voltage stabilization accuracy.

Complete protection ——voltage stabilizer factory :

Second, it is equipped with self-protection devices such as overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overplant, and lack.

Strong overload capacity ——voltage stabilizer factory :

Third, the voltage stabilizer can be used continuously at 100% load, and can be subjected to 3-4 times the current in an instant without damaging the machine.

Low loss ——voltage stabilizer factory :

Fourth, the products of UKEO voltage stabilizer factory use high magnetic permeability silicon steel sheet to minimize no-load loss and no-load current, so that the voltage stabilizer can exert high performance and reduce power loss.

Maintenance free ——voltage stabilizer factory :

Fifth, UKEO’s products adopt modular design, and all components are standardized. In addition, the inner body has no contact elements, so just keep the outer clean without any special maintenance.

Extra large capacity ——voltage stabilizer factory :

Sixth, UKEO’s induction type can be used for super-large capacity in a single machine, and we can produce models above 1600KVA.elements, so just keep the outer clean without any special maintenance.

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