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Product Introduction

UKEO offers travel power strips to make your journey easier and more convenient. UKEO’s travel power strips let you not have to worry about not having a corresponding socket. In addition, with UKEO as a supplier, we produce travel power strips that are portable and compact. Besides, our products provide OEM&ODM. If necessary, please contact us through the contact information provided on the site. And inquiries are welcome.

The production process of power strip

Company Profile

First, our factory was established in 1988 and has rich industry experience. And it mainly develops, produces and sells voltage stabilizers (relay type voltage stabilizers, servo type voltage stabilizers, including single phase voltage stabilizers, three phase servo type 380v voltage stabilizers and compensation Power stabilizer), and specially developed for the mechanical equipment of printing, machine tool, medical, laser, textile, processing center and other industries.

Second, we produce power strips (socket types cover Europe, America, UK, and Asian markets), and we provide customization for customers.

Third, we produce conversion socket (professional for the European market), and we also provide customized services.

To sum up, the products we provide are basically OEM&ODM.

How to choose travel power strip?

Travel power strip is a kind of plug converter born for the needs of people who often travel abroad or go on business trips to different countries. And its most basic function is to convert the plug. According to the country you want to go, use the corresponding plug, so as to make The electrical appliances you bring from China can be used normally.

Travelers know that a small adapter is better than a bulky adapter, so you need to choose a small and functional adapter that also has a well-stocked power cord.

If you have corresponding needs, a product with a USB interface can directly charge your electronic devices, so there is no need to carry an additional adapter, so a product with a USB interface is also very good.

At the same time, you need to choose a safe and durable conversion power board, because people often put these products close to their daily life, and a product with poor quality may have potential safety hazards, so you need to choose a safe and durable one.

What is a good travel power strip?

A good travel power strip needs to be compact and portable, with a small design, multiple functions, and high-quality materials.

Compact and portable power strips are generally designed to accommodate power cords, which allows the product to be used in a larger range than it looks when unfolded.

The compact design of the power strip means that it does not take up a lot of space, and it is convenient to store it in the limited luggage space when traveling and traveling.

The versatile power strip enables users to prepare only one power strip, and no need to bring other products. One product can achieve multiple functions.

The power strip made of high-quality materials will be much better than ordinary ones in terms of safety, durability and service life.

Is the travel power strip safe?

Buy qualified, high-quality products, and don’t use appliances that exceed their rated power limit, then it will be safe.

What types of travel power strips are there?

UKEO’s travel power strips are generally classified according to different countries, which can facilitate users to quickly find the power strips they need. We provide European-style, American-style and British-style products, as well as OEM&ODM, which can be customized according to customer needs. Please contact us for details.

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