Europe travel power adapter – travel adapter with switch


Product Introduction

UKEO suppliers offer a wide range of products including Europe travel power adapters. Also we have a history of more than 30 years, and we have our own trading company, inquiries are welcome. The europe travel power adapter is a conversion adapter for European sockets, and helping you to use European electrical appliances.

Europe travel power adapter

With ground wires

What is travel adapter with ground wires?

Travel adapter with ground wires are more expensive and safer.

What is travel adapter without ground wires?

Travel adapter without ground wire is cheaper, and the safety is only a little bit worse.

With USB

What is travel adapter with USB?

The Travel adapter with USB can directly connect and charge devices like mobile phones.

What is travel adapter with switch?

The travel adapter with switch can control the power supply through the switch, saving the trouble of plugging and unplugging.

What adapter do I need in Europe?

You need a European-style socket adapter, because power sockets vary across the continent, and there are 8 different types of sockets in Europe, with voltages ranging from 110V-250V, so this will affect the use of your electrical equipment in Europe .

In addition, there are more than 50 countries in Europe, and each country has its own set of standards, so UKEO recommends that you read the specific European country guides for more specific information.

What type of plug is used in Europe?

The europe travel power adapter is two cylindrical plugs. Plug form standard: two rounds 4.0mm Applicable areas: Germany, France, Indonesia, South Korea, Poland, Angola, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Chile, Norway, Vietnam, Finland and other places. In addition, the UK generally uses a three-hole round plug.

Do I need a power converter and adapter for Europe?

Various usb travel power adapters are different, and there may be differences in voltage depending on the country in which they are used. At the same time, the power is also different, because it may correspond to different devices, maybe a mobile phone, maybe a computer, and they may have different charging protocols to adapt to dedicated devices, and the amperage may also be different.

What does an EU adapter look like?

It is necessary to purchase and use the europe travel power adapter. The standards of electrical plugs and sockets in more than 30 countries in Europe are not uniform. There is no European standard, only the standards of each country. There are mainly the following socket types in Europe:

French type:

This type of socket is characterized in that the socket has two round holes and a metal cylinder, the two round holes are power jacks, and the cylinder is a ground connection column.

  The corresponding plug is a circular hole at the vertex of the equilateral triangle. There are no dedicated two-hole sockets in the country. If you use a two-hole plug, and it can plug into the round hole in a round socket. Countries that use this socket include France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, and Denmark.

Spanish type:

This type of socket is grounded by two sets of metal sheets on the edge of the socket ring, which are in contact with the metal contacts on the edge of the circular plastic head of the plug.

  The two metal power posts of this type are the same as the French type. There are many countries using this socket, including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Austria and most other countries. This socket also does not have a dedicated two-hole socket.

Swiss type:

There are two socket types in Switzerland, the three-hole socket in Switzerland is the same as the Spanish type.

  The Swiss two-hole socket is very special. It is a flat hexagon with triangular ends. Therefore, if your plug is a two-hole plug with a semicircle on both sides, it cannot be inserted. The Swiss-type socket round jack is slightly thinner. Generally, there is no problem with plug insertion, but if it is slightly thicker, it will not be able to be inserted.

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