Travel adapter with ground wires






Travel adapter

With ground wires

What is travel adapter with ground wires?

Travel adapter with ground wires are more expensive and safer.

What is travel adapter without ground wires?

Travel adapter without ground wire is cheaper, and the safety is only a little bit worse.

What is a travel adapter plug?

It is an electrical product that needs to be used when traveling abroad. Since each country has different socket standards, it is used as a connection conversion between plugs and sockets in different countries or regions, so that electrical appliances can smoothly obtain power.

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How do you use travel adapters?

Plug our travel adapter into the local power supply, and then plug your own electrical appliance into our product. If there is a USB interface on our product, you can use it directly.

Are travel plug adapters Safe?

Qualified plugs are no problem and are very safe. Unqualified conversion plugs will damage electronic and electrical equipment, and even more frightening, fires will occur. Electricity is an issue worthy of serious consideration. Don’t buy cheap products of poor quality and put yourself in a potentially dangerous situation.

Wall sockets in most countries of the world are at least 10A, 13A in the UK, 15A in North America, and 16A in the EU. Most of the common multi-function conversion plugs are designed with a 6A power supply, and the “qualified” mark is affixed to the parameters. If you are not careful, the plug converter may be overloaded.

At the same time, these products have a safety shutter, which can prevent electric shock accidents caused by people’s hands, especially children.And the shell is also fireproof material.

The plug we can provide has a rated current range of 10A-16A, a voltage range of 220V-250V, and a maximum power range of 2200W-3500W, which has a wide range of applications and is safe and secure.

What is a travel adapter for phone?

It can be used by your mobile phone can help you charge your mobile phone in different countries, such as our B2-1U product.

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