Voltage regulator relay – Cabinet type

Product Introduction

Voltage regulator relay – Cabinet type is a somewhat bulky automatic voltage regulator. Generally, it looks like a cabinet with swivel wheels, and it’s about the same size as your bedside cabinet but slightly taller. This is because the internal coils are larger and more numerous . This means it is heavy, so swivel wheels are required. So we can move it easily.

Meanwhile, these Cabinet types are divided into single-phase and three-phase.

Requirments / Model500VA1000VA1500VA2000VA3000VA5000VA8000VA10000VA12000VA
InputPhaseSingle phase
Adjusting time<0.5s(when input voltage has a change of 10%)
Loading power factor0.8
EnvironmentalOperating temperature-5~+40℃
Storage temperature-10~+50℃
Humidity20% to 90%
ProtectionOver Volt.YES
Over loadYES
Short CircuitYES
Low voltageYES
PackagingNet Wt.(KG)2.053.954.595.358.8111.6715.6417.319.35
Gross Wt.(KG)9.5117.820.3623.49.812.9817.0318.6920.74
Product size(mm)217*109*145240*139*183342*220*244390*220*244
Package size(mm)495*270*190710*330*230415*270*300460*270*300

What is the difference between a single phase regulator and a three phase regulator?

In fact, since the development of electric power, there has been a distinction between single-phase electricity consumption and three-phase electricity consumption. And before we understand the difference between single-phase voltage regulators and three-phase voltage regulators, let us first understand the difference between single-phase power and three-phase power.

Single-phase electricity generally belongs to the ordinary electricity of our citizens, and at the same time, it is also the 220V electricity we often say. However, due to the different standards in different countries, the voltage used to use electricity is also different. And the input and output of the single-phase circuit are generally two wires, generally zero wire and live wire.

The three-phase electricity is what we often call industrial electricity. Generally, three-phase power is only used on some large mechanical equipment, and the input of three-phase power is selected to be at least three-phase line input and output.

The difference between a single-phase regulator and a three-phase regulator is actually the number of lines that output the input voltage and the number of lines that are input and output.

During the use of single-phase voltage stabilizer and three-phase voltage stabilizer, single-phase voltage stabilizer cannot be used as a three-phase voltage stabilizer, while three-phase voltage stabilizer can be selected as the output electrical appliance of single-phase voltage stabilizer. Voltage regulator circuit power supply.

Voltage regulator relay - Use of Cabinet type

The principle of Voltage regulator relay – Cabinet type is the same as that of other types of relay stabilizers. The circuit voltage is controlled by the automatic closing of the relay. There will be a delay of 1 second. When using, connect the voltage regulator to the power supply first, and then connect the voltage regulator to the power supply. The electrical appliance is connected to the voltage regulator, which can protect your electrical appliance and stabilize the voltage so that the electrical appliance can operate normally.

Advantages of Voltage regulator relay - Cabinet type

Compared with those smaller ones, the advantages of our socket type, table type, wall type, Cabinet type are that it has greater power and more appliances connected at the same time. Plus, the handy swivel wheels make it easy to move anywhere. And all Cabinet types have built-in fans, and the heat dissipation is very good, if you are interested, please contact us.

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