Relay stabilizer – Table type

Product Introduction

Relay stabilizer-Table type is a desktop stabilizer. It is the most versatile stabilizer. The desktop relay stabilizer is cost-effective and reliable. Although the accuracy is lower than that of the servo-type stabilizer, it is sufficient for general household use.

Requirments / Model500VA1000VA1500VA2000VA3000VA5000VA8000VA10000VA12000VA
InputPhaseSingle phase
Adjusting time<0.5s(when input voltage has a change of 10%)
Loading power factor0.8
EnvironmentalOperating temperature-5~+40℃
Storage temperature-10~+50℃
Humidity20% to 90%
ProtectionOver Volt.YES
Over loadYES
Short CircuitYES
Low voltageYES
PackagingNet Wt.(KG)2.053.954.595.358.8111.6715.6417.319.35
Gross Wt.(KG)9.5117.820.3623.49.812.9817.0318.6920.74
Product size(mm)217*109*145240*139*183342*220*244390*220*244
Package size(mm)495*270*190710*330*230415*270*300460*270*300

How it works

Working principle of relay stabilizer

1. Input switch: As the input working switch of the voltage stabilizer, the air switch type small circuit breaker with current limiting protection is generally adopted, which can protect the voltage stabilizer and electrical equipment.


2. Voltage regulator: It is a device that can regulate the output voltage. It can increase or decrease the output voltage and is the most important part of the voltage regulator.


3. Sampling circuit: It detects the output voltage and current of the regulator, and transmits the change of the output voltage to the control circuit.


4. Drive device: Since the control electrical signal of the control circuit is weak, it is necessary to use a drive device for power amplification and conversion.


5. Drive protection device: a device that connects and disconnects the output of the voltage stabilizer. Generally, relays, contactors, or fuse are commonly used.


6. Control circuit: It analyzes the sampled circuit detection model. When the output voltage is too high, it sends a control signal to reduce the voltage to the drive device, and the drive device will drive the voltage regulator to lower the output voltage. When the voltage is low, a control signal for increasing the voltage is sent to the driving device, and the driving device will drive the voltage regulating device to increase the output voltage, so that the output voltage is stabilized to achieve a stable output.


When it is detected that the output voltage or current exceeds the control range of the regulator. The control circuit will control the output protection device to disconnect the output to protect the electrical equipment, and the output protection device is connected to the output under normal conditions, and the electrical equipment can obtain a stable voltage supply.


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