Usb travel power adapter – Travel adapter with USB

Product Introduction

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Travel adapter

What is travel adapter with ground wires?

Travel adapter with ground wires are more expensive and safer.

What is travel adapter without ground wires?

Travel adapter without ground wire is cheaper, and the safety is only a little bit worse.

What is travel adapter with USB?

The Travel adapter with USB can directly connect and charge devices like mobile phones.

What is travel adapter with switch?

The travel adapter with switch can control the power supply through the switch, saving the trouble of plugging and unplugging.

What is the difference between a travel converter and adapter?

Travel converters generally have the function of converting voltage. The power supply voltages in some countries are different. Using this travel converter can solve this problem, while the adapter is a simpler plug conversion function, such as usb travel power adapter.

At the same time, travel converters are generally more expensive than adapters. If you need an adapter with cheap European plugs, please contact us through the contact information on the site.

What is a travel power adapter?

Travel power adapter – this is to convert a certain plug into another plug (such as telephone power plugs, USB charging plugs, computer power plugs, and universal power plugs in various countries). It is convenient for residents of different countries to use it internationally, and people who travel abroad will also use it. The more common one is the usb travel power adapter.

Are all USB AC adapters the same?

Various usb travel power adapters are different, and there may be differences in voltage depending on the country in which they are used. At the same time, the power is also different, because it may correspond to different devices, maybe a mobile phone, maybe a computer, and they may have different charging protocols to adapt to dedicated devices, and the amperage may also be different.

Which travel adapter is best?

At present, the voltages used by countries around the world are generally divided into low voltages of 100~130V and high voltages of 220~240V. Countries such as the United States, Mexico, and Canada pay more attention to safety, and mainly use low voltages of 100~130V. Countries such as China, the United Kingdom, and France pay more attention to efficiency, and mainly use 220~240V high voltage.

And just because the voltages in different countries/regions are different, their sockets are also inconsistent. In terms of standards, it is mainly divided into four types: European regulations, British regulations, American regulations, and Australian regulations. The US standard is a two-legged flat type, which is suitable for the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and other countries; the British standard is a triangular thick flat type, which is suitable for the United Kingdom, Singapore, Maldives, Malaysia, Ireland and other countries; the Australian standard is a triangular flat type, suitable for China, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and other countries; European regulations are two-legged round type, suitable for Germany, France, Italy, Denmark and other countries.

So how to choose the usb travel power adapter is the best, choose the light, suitable, in line with the country is the best.

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